Aggregate washing plant layout design

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Silo, vibrating screen and drum screen, bucket sand washer and spiral sand washer, the specific length of the belt conveyor is customized according to the site, and the working mode of the environmentally friendly recycling machine is movable and fixed.

Machine-made sand: refers to the rock particles whose particle size is less than 4.75mm after being broken by machinery. It is mainly divided into granite sand production, cobblestone sand production, limestone sand production, and construction waste sand production. High-quality machine-made sand: refers to the crushed and sieved sand making equipment, which meets the fineness modulus 2.6~3.0, the stone powder content is 3%~8%, the cumulative sieve residue is 9, the needle flake shape is less than 8%, and the water content is 3. %~5% of rock particles with multiple technical indicators.

aggregate washing plant

Configuration list of sand washing production line for aggregate

Silo + vibrating screen (drum screen) + 3020 sand washing machine (2 sets) + conveyor (the specific length and location can be determined according to the actual site conditions);

The output is 400 tons per hour, which is suitable for the finished sand as the raw material. The overall process is relatively simple and the investment cost is low;

Configuration list of large-scale sand making + sand-gravel aggregate sand washing production line

ZSW600×150 vibrating feeder, HD110 jaw crusher, PF-1520 impact crusher, HXVSI-1140 sand making machine, 2YK3072+3YK3072 vibrating screen (two sets), 3121 sand washing machine (two sets), conveyor ;

The output is 500 tons per hour, and the feed size is less than or equal to 750mm. It is suitable for large stones, not finished sand, and the feed size is large and the finished product has a good grain shape;

① One sand washing machine has an output of 15-260 tons per hour. According to the demand for washing sand, if the output is relatively large, one is of course not enough, and two sand washing machines are required;

② The requirement for sand cleanliness is relatively high, so you can choose to equip two or more than two;

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