Reasons and solutions for failure of vibrating screen discharge

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Vibrating screen is a commonly used material screening equipment, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high efficiency and many layers. Part of the operation during use of the equipment is a fine operation, and inevitably some minor problems, such as unloading failure of the vibrating screen and failure of the material, occur in some cases.

The vibrating screen is mainly composed of a screen box, a vibration exciter, a suspension (or support) device and an electric motor. The motor is driven by a V-belt that drives the spindle of the exciter to rotate, and the screen box vibrates due to the unbalanced heavy centrifugal inertia force on the exciter. The support device is mainly composed of elastic elements such as a coil spring, a leaf spring and a rubber spring.

Vibrating screen structure diagram



During the installation process, the sieve box of the vibrating screen should be placed horizontally with the horizontal plane. If the horizontal plane of the screen box is unbalanced, the screen surface will move to a certain extent and the material cannot flow straight;


When the support spring of the screen box is too rigid, the material is susceptible to excessive excitation forces and produces severe vibrations. If the support spring is damaged, the material may be subjected to uneven stress due to uneven force;


If the screen of the shaker is damaged for a long time, the material will not flow normally on the screen surface;


When the vibrating screen is unevenly fed, the material cannot be subjected to a uniform exciting force, and thus the material of the linear vibrating screen surface flows abnormally.



Adjust the horizontal plane of the linear vibrating screen to maintain the level of the screen box;


Selecting a support spring with certain toughness as a support for the linear vibrating screen to avoid damage to the support spring due to excessive rigidity, adjusting the support spring, replacing the damaged spring structure and the damaged screen;


Keep the material evenly and continuously feeding, the feeding should not be too much, too small, resulting in unbalanced screen box load.

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