The output particle size of impact sand making machine

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The finished machine-made sand is a rock particle with a particle size of 0.15-4.75mm. In order to meet the needs of the market, the sand making machine manufacturer will not only meet the above range but also have a slight fluctuation in the size when designing the output particle size of the sand making machine. In order to provide customers with greater choice.

The output particle size of the sand making machine is related to the hardness of the rock and the input particle size. The smaller the input particle size, the easier the ore is to be broken, and the higher the product particle size qualification rate, and vice versa, the lower it will be. Therefore, in order to achieve a product particle size qualification rate of more than 90%, it is necessary to use grading equipment for closed-circuit crushing in the early stage. The output particle size of common sand making machines on the market is about 4.75mm, and users can adjust the output particle size according to project requirements.

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The solution if the granularity of the sand making machine becomes larger.
1) The long-term operation of the cobblestone sand making machine causes the V-belt of the transmission part to loosen;
2) The feed size is too large;
3) The impeller speed is unreasonable and the efficiency becomes low;
The main solutions to this phenomenon are as follows:
1) Adjust the belt tightness;
2) Strictly follow the feeding requirements of the cobblestone sand making machine;
3) Condition the impeller speed until it reaches the ideal standard.

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