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How much sand can one ton of pebbles produce?

Pebbles are stones with a radius of 4 mm to 64 mm. Smaller than round stone and larger than gravel. Cobblestones are widely used in construction, paving, and garden art industries. Due to its rich resources and relatively low acquisition costs, the usage rate is high. The pebbles can be made into aggregates with different thicknesses after being crushed, so how much sand can be made by one ton of pebbles? How much profit can you bring?

sand production line - lzzg

The nature of raw materials and the performance of sand making machines have a great impact on production.

According to LZZG user test data, one ton of river pebbles produce coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand about 0.7-0.9 tons. The amount of sand produced has a great relationship with the hardness and size of the river pebbles and the efficiency of the sand making equipment. From the river pebble ore to the river pebble sand, the finished product needs to go through many links, including crushing, sand making, sieving, etc. The processed river pebbles include sand, stone and stone powder. For example, the sand making machine has a low pulverization rate and uniform material formation. If the screening control is reasonable, the content of stone powder and irregular grain coarse sand can be greatly reduced, and the content and quality of high-quality river pebble sand can be improved.

The prospect of pebble sand making, Is the mechanism sand profitable?

With the depletion of natural sand, high-quality mechanical sand will replace the natural sand as the market of choice. The price of machine-made sand is less than half of that of natural sand. The sand produced by the sand-making machine can meet the requirements of the construction industry, so it is very attractive to users. Now one ton of sand is sold for ¥ 80-110, and the cost is about ¥30. If some places have abundant stone resources, the cost of raw materials will also drop. In this way, the profit of the mechanism sand is very considerable.

ore wash plant - lzzg

Sand production plant project

The four sand making machines purchased by Nanjing customers in Jiangsu Province are applied to the river cobblestone sand production site. The sand production line of the site is mainly equipped with one primary sieve, two cone-breaking, four sand-making machines and two sand washing machines. The stone excavated from the river channel is firstly screened. The sifted pebbles are conveyed by the belt conveyor into the coarse crushed cone and the finely broken cone to produce the material of 30mm or less. Then the material is transported again through the belt conveyor into 4 VSI systems. Sand mechanism sand, producing 0.075-4.75mm finished sand. Finally, the finished sand enters the lzzg sand washing machine integrating sand washing, dewatering and fine sand recovery, and finally produces fine sand. The production capacity of fine sand reaches 320-340 tons/hour.