Zero Discharge Sand Washing Plant Project Vietnam Customer Case

Zero Discharge Sand Washing Plant Project - LZZG MACHINES

Vietnam pumped storage power station construction supporting project, the project is mainly based on granite crushing sand making and sand washing sewage treatment, with a designed annual output of 1.5 million tons. The project adopts a combined process of machine-made sand winnowing + water washing + fine sand collection and dehydration to ensure that the stone powder, mica, and mud content in the machine-made sand are controlled within a qualified range. The production line is equipped with a sewage treatment system, and the sewage is filtered to achieve zero discharge. Require.

sand dewatering screen

The machine-made sand needs to go through multiple processes such as crushing, screening, and sand making during the production process, and a large amount of stone powder will inevitably be produced. The selection of Longzhong Heavy Industry’s double-wheel sand washing machine is a “good helper” to improve the quality and gradation of sand. It will cooperate with the sewage treatment system to realize tail water purification and solid waste dry discharge, which is environmentally friendly and beneficial.

LZZG Zero Discharge Sand Washing Plant