LZ15-120 sand washing and recycling machine in Guangdong


In the first 2 months of the year, LZ series of sand washing and recycling machine has entered the first sales peak of 2018, At the beginning of this month, Guangdong customers ordered the LZ26-25 sand washing and recovery machine which ordered last month to be shipped smoothly. At present, the machine’s installation is complete and the machine has been put into production line.

LZ series of sand washing and recovery machine is a multifunctional water washing equipment, which integrates water washing, fine sand dewatering and other functions. It has reasonable structure, efficient efficiency, small area and low cost of investment than two equipment. The equipment is composed of wheel bucket sand washing device and fine sand recovery device. The former is mainly used for water washing, dewatering and degushing, while fine sand recovery device is used for the dehydration of washed materials and the recovery of lost material in the sand washing waste water.