Special filament filter cloth for sludge dewatering filter press

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filter cloth

High-quality plate frame machine monofilament filter cloth

Filter cloth model

1. According to the equipments, it is divided into: plate frame filter press filter cloth, filter press filter cloth, box filter filter cloth, dewatering machine filter cloth, press filter cloth, etc.

2. According to the work can be divided into: plate and frame filter cloth and box filter cloth;

3. According to the filter press model. Filter cloth can be divided into: X420, X500, X630, X800, X870, X920, X1000, X1250, X1500, X2000

4. According to the finished product size of the filter cloth, it can be divided into: 500mm*500mm; 600mm*600mm; 700mm*700mm; 900mm*900;
950mm*950mm; 1000mm*1000mm; 1100mm*1100mm; 1350mm*1350mm; 1600mm*1600mm
2100mm*2100mm, also has unconventional size, can be customized production.

5. According to the filter cloth material can be divided into:
Polyester long fiber: 60-10 (240); 60-9 (260); 60-7 (621), of which 621* is commonly used.
Polyester staple fiber: 5927 (120-7); 747 (120-14); 758 (120-15); 3927 (120-16), of which 3927* is commonly used.
Polypropylene filter cloth: 750A (840A); 750B (840B); 750AB (840AB); 108C; 8521 (521)
Monofilament filter cloth: polyester monofilament filter cloth, polypropylene monofilament filter cloth and nylon monofilament filter cloth, which are divided into plain, twill and satin weave.
Non-woven fabrics: gram weights range from 520g to 850g.

Monofilament filter cloth


The nylon monofilament filter cloth has a gas permeability of about 500-1200L/m2*S. Special requirements for air permeability or size can be customized.

The coal-washed monofilament filter cloth is coated with non-woven fabric to prevent leakage, and some customers are adding a layer of grid lining, which is more wear-resistant and durable, and has a long service life.Monofilament filter cloth commonly used specifications X1250, X1500, X1600 X2000.

In the case of a large amount, Yiqing Company can process it on its behalf and only earn processing fees. We are willing to cooperate with all agents, designated suppliers, environmental protection companies and other countries across the country to win business opportunities.

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