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Lzzg produces polypropylene plate frame filter plate, adhesive filter press filter plate, closed diaphragm filter plate. Plate frame filter press filter plate uses a more pure, more flexible plastic material The filter plate of such material can be repeatedly squeezed by tens of thousands of times and the filter plate of the plate frame filter press is cracked and deformed. The surface plane design is also adopted, and it is not intended to be recessed inside like the filter press of the van filter press, but the surface is also blindly used to increase the friction between the filter plate and the filter cake to support the filter cake.

Filter cloth for sludge filter press

filter cloth

Special filament filter cloth for sludge dewatering filter press

Technical support can be provided free of charge, such as how to measure the product, how to choose the filter cloth, how to use the process according to different industries, give corresponding suggestions, and select the products that satisfy the customer. According to the different process requirements of customers, select the appropriate product model.

Polypropylene filter press plate

Polypropylene Filter Plate

The middle of the filter plate of the plate and frame filter press is made into a hollow sealed space. When space passes into the filling, the filter plate expands because the internal pressure is larger than the external one, so that it is stored between the filter plates. The filter cake is squeezed and the water content of the filter cake is lowered.

Because the sand washing filter requires a strong pressure during filtration, only the hollow filter plate can not withstand this pressure. Therefore, on the arrangement of the filter plate, the same plate frame filter press filter as the plate and frame filter press is used. The cloth is arranged by a hollow filter plate and a solid filter plate, so that the sand filter press can be subjected to the pressure of the plate filter press in the first filtration process, and can be in the second A good point of focus is assumed in the secondary extrusion.

Stainless steel filter plate

Stainless steel filter plate

The plate and frame filter press filter plate help the plate and frame filter press to perform the filter press of solid-liquid separation. The filter plate can also store the filter cake of the plate and frame filter press, thereby storing the solid particles intercepted by the plate filter press filter plate. The pressure filtration of the plate and frame filter press requires pressure to be carried out. Therefore, the filter plate and the frame filter press filter plate have a transmitting force to provide sufficient pressure for the filter chamber of the plate and frame filter press.


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