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Three-phase asynchronous motor 20KN exciting force horizontal vibration motor 1.1KW rotary vibrating screen motor

Main features of vibration motor

1. The vibration force and power are matched properly, the vibration force is large, the body weight is light, the volume is small, and the mechanical noise is low.

2. Because the vibration motor is a strong resistance type vibration instead of resonance, it has a stable amplitude.

3. Large vibration frequency range. The vibration frequency of the electromagnetic exciter is fixed, generally equal to the power step rate, and the vibration frequency of the vibration motor can be adjusted in a wide range by adjusting the speed, and the vibration frequency and amplitude can be arbitrarily selected according to different paths.

4. Affected by power fluctuations, electromagnetic exciters will cause large changes in excitation force due to voltage changes, but this change is very small in vibrating motors.


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