What are the uses of coal gangue after processing

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Coal gangue can be crushed to make sand, which can increase its utilization value.

one. Uses of coal gangue:

1. Cement

Production of ordinary Portland cement; production of special cement; production of clinker-free cement.

2. Lightweight aggregate for concrete

Making concrete lightweight aggregate can reduce the relative density of concrete and reduce the weight of the building by about 20%.

3. Refractory brick

Coal gangue can be processed to 1-2mm to make bricks. Coal gangue sintered hollow brick refers to shale, coal gangue or fly ash as the main raw material.

4. Chemical industry:

① Making aluminum trichloride: the main raw materials are coal gangue and chemical hydrochloric acid. It is a new type of water purifier.

Processing technology:

Crushing-→roasting-→milling-→acid leaching-→precipitation-→concentrated crystallization-→dehydration

②Hydrochloric acid leaching to produce crystalline aluminum chloride, the precipitated residue is Sio2, which is mainly used for rubber filler and wet production of water glass.

5. It can also be used to recover coal, co-fire coal and gangue to generate electricity, produce water glass and other chemical products, extract precious and rare metals, and can also be used as fertilizer.

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