Measures to Effectively Control the Moisture Content of Artificial Sand

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The sources of sand and gravel in concrete production enterprises are complex, and the moisture content varies greatly. Frequent fluctuations in the moisture content of sand and gravel will inevitably lead to changes in concrete slump and strength, which brings great difficulty to concrete quality control. In view of the change of moisture content, when controlling concrete production, it is necessary to strengthen the detection of the moisture content of sand and gravel.

machine-made sand system
How to control the moisture content of machine-made sand in the stacking sand bin

1. In the general system process, most of the moisture in the sand must be removed mechanically first. At present, the dehydration process of vibrating screen is the most widely used. The sand dewatered by the linear dewatering screen can remove the sand with the original moisture content of 20%-23% to 14%-17%. There are also dehydration methods with good dehydration effect and correspondingly large investment costs. Vacuum dehydration and centrifugal dehydration.

2. Artificial sand cutting, stockpiling dehydration and artificial sand taking are carried out separately. Generally, after 3-5 days of stockpiling and dehydration, the water content can be reduced to less than 6% and stabilized.

3. Mix dry-process artificial sand and dewatering screen artificial sand into the finished sand bin to reduce the moisture content of the sand.

4. A rain-proof shed is set up on the top of the finished sand silo, and a concrete floor and blind ditch drainage facilities are poured at the bottom of the sand silo. Clean up the blind ditch after each warehouse is finished, so as to speed up the natural dehydration time. It can also effectively reduce the water content of finished sand.

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