Why will the sand recovery machine be used in the production line of sand washing

Whether artificial sand or natural sand contains a lot of impurities, it needs to be cleaned by washing machine so as to be used by construction, roadway and other industries. However, because of in the process of sand washing, the use of sand washer will cause many disadvantages, such as the sand washing is not clean, the sand graduation is unreasonable, the sand loss is serious, the environment is polluted, the sand production is low. So the sand washer production line need to match with fine sand recycling machine in order to solve the above problems. LZZG will share the information of the washing sand production line is equipped with the use of fine sand recycling machine.


Artificial sand washing production line consists of Jaw crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine and belt conveyor. The process is that the stone material is uniformly sent to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing by the vibrating feeder, and the rough broken material is sent to the sand making machine for further crushing by the belt conveyor, then the material is transported to screen in the vibrating screen. The material that meets the requirements for finished particle size is sent to the sand washer for cleaning. After cleaning, the output from the finished conveyor belt is the finished product; the material that does not meet the requirements for the finished particle size is returned from the vibrating screen to the sand making machine for reprocessing to form a closed loop multiple cycle. Nevertheless, the sand washer that most of manufacturers provided appear loss of fine sand no matter which kind of sand washer in the process of sand washing, some of these situation are very serious, which greatly affected the output and reasonable graduation of sand. What’s more, excessive sand discharge, easily cause environmental pollution.

According to the above questions, LZZG has designed the fine sand recycling machine. This equipment is exclusive for recycling fine sand, tailing material and equiping with sand washer in the process of sand washing, which effectively make up the disadvantages of sand washer, and increase the production and quality of sand so as to achieve the purpose of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection production of sand washer.


The advantages of adopting fine sand recovery machine in the sand washing production line:

1.After adopting this machine, the loss of fine sand is controlled effectively. The problem of high fineness modulus and low stone powder content in the finished product of artificial aggregate processing system has been solved.

2.The sieve mesh used in the dewatering screen is imported from abroad, which is longer than the average equipment life, and the sieve mesh is not easily blocked, which increased the working efficiency of the whole equipment that can finish the task successively.

3.The system has reached the maximum of 95% in the recycling of fine particulate materials, which is a high volume of recycling, with unparalleled technical and economic advantages. The recovery of fine grain to a large extent that reduce the sedimentation and decrease the cleaning cost of tank.

4.Remarkable economical benefits. If the fine sand recycling machine from LZZG is more recycled, can earn money to buy equipment up to a month or so. We take the sand making production line with an output value of 90m3 per hour as an example. The pump output of the sand washer is 80m3 per hour. Usually, the mortar content is 3% (2.580m3/h), and the recovery rate is 70%-80%. After 12 hours of production, the recycling making sand is 2.580mm³/h*70%*12=21.67m³/h650m³/h in per month.

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