Why fine sand recovery machine followed sand washing machine?

In the sand production, the content of impurities and soil in sand is high. So in order to produce high quality sand, sand washing machines are usually used to wash sand and separate soil and impurities in sand. However, no matter what types of sand washing machine used, the loss of fine sand is inevitably, which will affect the gradation of coarse and fine grain size sand and loss of the output value of fine sand.


fine sand recovery machine followed sand washing machine


Traditional sand production line generally uses a sedimentation tank to recover fine sand after sand wash machine. However, the construction of sedimentation tank requires a large area. And the wastewater discharged from sand washing machine is easily fouled in sedimentation tank, so the amount of fine sand recovered is very low. In addition, a lot of manpower and expensive cost are needed when cleaning sedimentation tank.


Fine sand recovery machine is also known as fine sand collector, fine sand recovery system, fine sand recovery device, fine sand recovery equipment. The fine sand recovery machine developed by LZZG absorbed foreign technology and combined with the actual situation of local sand powder. Fine sand recovery machine is widely used in hydropower station sand and gravel aggregate processing system, glass raw material processing system, artificial sand production line, coal mining plant coarse coal slurry recovery and environmental protection engineering (mud purification), which can effectively solve the problem of fine sand loss. The fine sand recovery machines can effectively recycle more than 98% of fine sand in the waste water after washing to reduce loss, thereby greatly improving the quality of finished sand of the mechanism sand and increasing the production productivity of production line. Fine sand recycling machine has a small footprint, saves water resources, and has high efficiency in electric production. The amount of fine sand that can be recovered in one day can be completed in an hour under the work of the fine sand recycling machine.


Therefore, fine sand recovery machine is also indispensable in sand production line. The cost of  a fine sand recovery machine is thousands of dollars, but the amount of fine sand recovered every day is in thousands of tons. So the benefits of using a fine sand recycling machine are considerable. Sand washing machine and fine sand recycling machine are known as the golden partner in wet sand production line.


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