Why are the mining of river sand restricted or prohibited in many areas

The mining of river sand causes damage to the environment

Excessive digging of river sand causes the river bed to be cut down as a whole, which can easily cause the bank slope of the levee to disappear during the flood season and cause the levee to collapse. After the riverbed is cut down, the downstream water level drops during the dry season, causing the original irrigation and domestic water intake sluices along the line to not flow by themselves, directly affecting the lack of irrigation and domestic water difficulties in the vast protected areas. The lowering of the river bed caused the salt tide to go back in the drought year, causing the expansion of the area affected by the salt tide in the Pearl River Delta, directly affecting the local agricultural production and people’s drinking water.

Illegal sand digging is extremely harmful, not only destroying a large amount of land, but also preventing natural restoration of the destroyed land for thousands of years. What’s more serious is that the river bed that has been formed naturally over thousands of years was severely destroyed. On the one hand, it destroyed the aquifer under the river bed and caused a large amount of surface river water to leak into the ground, causing the river to dry up and the river to dry up; on the other hand, one In the flood season, the river channel cannot be flooded normally, and the river embankment cannot protect the coast, causing large areas of land to be flooded and soaked for a long time, bringing devastating disasters to various crops.

machine made sand

Encourage the use of machine-made sand

Both river sand and sea sand are non-renewable resources. Sand and gravel manufacturing companies are actively exploring the use of alternative materials for river sand in the water conservancy industry, encouraging the research, development, promotion and utilization of alternatives to river sand such as machine-made sand, and alleviating the problem of sand shortage.

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