What is the use of calcite, what equipment is used to make calcite sand

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, the most common ore in natural calcium carbonate. The crystal shapes of calcite are various, and their aggregates can be clusters of crystals, and can also be granular, massive, fibrous, stalactite, soil, etc. You can get many square pieces by tapping on the calcite. The color of calcite varies with the impurities contained in it, such as light yellow, light red, brown, and black when it contains iron and manganese.

What are the specific uses of calcite?

Calcite is a carbonate mineral with a Mohs hardness of 3, glass gloss, a density of 2.60-2.8g/cm3, and white streaks. Different deep processing techniques will have different application fields. In the process field, calcite can be used to make cement, calcium carbide, polishing agent, and sometimes as a co-solvent. Rubber and textiles mostly use calcite powder as a filler; in the field of life, it can be used as a useful medicine and important for processing chalk. element.

What is the processing technology of calcite?

According to the use of calcite, it is mainly summarized into two major types of processing technology, namely sand making and grinding process. In the sand making process, the process is similar to that of pebbles and granite. However, in the grinding process, due to the different fineness requirements of calcite in different fields, the grinding process is different, mainly reflected in the choice of equipment.

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Calcite sand making equipment and process

Large pieces of calcite raw material are fed into the jaw crusher by the feeder evenly through the silo for primary crushing. After the initial breakage, the material is transported by the conveyor belt to counter-breaking or cone breaking for secondary crushing. After the secondary crushing, the material is sent to the vibrating screen for separation. After separation, the part that meets the standard can be sent to the sand making machine again for grain shaping and re-crushing. Those that meet the requirements will become products, and the rest of the materials will need to enter the sand making equipment again for reshaping and form a closed-loop cycle mode.

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