What is the role of stone in concrete

stone in concrete

Sand and gravel are one of the main components of concrete. Sand and gravel play the role of filling and reinforcement in concrete, and play a vital role in the performance and strength of concrete.

Sand and gravel act as a filler in concrete. Concrete is made by mixing cement, sand, stones and water in certain proportions. Sand and gravel have a filling effect between particles, filling the gaps in the cement gel, making the concrete more dense and compact. This filling action helps reduce shrinkage and cracking of the concrete and increases its durability.

Sand and gravel enhance the strength and stability of concrete. The particles of sand and gravel form a mechanical connection with the cement gel, which increases the cohesion and compressive strength of the concrete. Sand and gravel can also improve the shear strength and impact resistance of concrete, and increase the stability of concrete. In addition, sand and gravel can also disperse the stress between cement particles and improve the crack resistance of concrete.

In addition, sand and gravel also play an important role in the performance of concrete. The particle shape and particle size distribution of sand and gravel directly affect the fluidity and plasticity of concrete. Proper particle shape and size of sand and gravel can improve the fluidity of concrete, making it easier to construct and pour.

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