What affect the productivity of fine sand recycling machine?

LZZG fine sand recycling machine is an efficiency sand washing, dewatering and fines recycling equipment developed by our company after many years of research development and production of mining machinery, which has an irreplaceable role. LZZG fine sand recycling machine can be widely used in building materials, artificial sand production lines and glass quartz sand production. Then what factors affect the productivity of sand recycling machine?


fine sand recycling machine design


Conclusions from the technicians as follows


1. Material composition: The more fine powder contained in material, the more sand production is affected. And the adhesion of these fine powders affects transportation. Therefore, materials with a high content of fine powder should be screened once in advance. The fine powder should be filtered out from the material as much as possible to avoid affecting the normal operation of fine sand recycling machine.


2. Material viscosity: The greater the viscosity of material, the easier the adhesion. The material with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of sand making chamber in fine sand recycling machine. If it cannot be finished in time, it will affect the working efficiency of  fine sand recycling machine, and may affect the normal operation in severe cases. Therefore, when selecting materials, it must be noted that the viscosity of materials is not too large.


3. Material hardness: The harder the material, the more severe the wear on fine sand recovery machine.


4. Material humidity: When the moisture contained in material is large, the material is simply adhered in fine sand recycling machine, and it is also easier to form a blockage during the transportation of blank, and sand formation can be reduced. To deal with this problem, must first strictly control the humidity of material. If the humidity of the selected material is too large, the sunshine or air drying method can be used to reduce the percentage of moisture in the material.


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