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The vibrating screen is widely used because of its features of simple structure, reliable performance, convenient operation, easy screening. However, different degrees of failures may occur in operation and use, which are need to analyze the cause and solve it.



1. Low screening accuracy

If the screening precision can not meet requirements, vibrating screen will not work properly. The main reasons for insufficient screening accuracy are the nsufficient mesh number, insufficient screen tension, broken screen, insufficient excitation force, insufficient length, etc.


In view of the technical failures mentioned above, the main measures that can be taken are:

(1) Replacing the corresponding screen and using regular screen to achieve the accuracy;

(2) The screen panels are not tensioned enough. special network tooling or professional mesh machine can be used to realize ideal tension;

(3) Once the screen is damaged, it should be stopped and replaced immediately;

(4) Insufficient motor excitation force will also cause insufficient screening accuracy, and reasonable adjustment of motor excitation force can effectively improve the screening accuracy.


2. Low processing capacity

(1) The factors that affecting processing capacity of mining vibrating screens include incorrect model, insufficient motor power and unreasonable selection. Measures that can be taken for these problems:

(2) The sieve diameter determines the output, the reasonable increase of screen diameter can effectively increase the output; (3) Increasing the opening ratio can effectively increase the processing capacity;

(3) Equipped proper motor.


3. Screen plug

The blocking will occur during the production process, the cleaning device is an indispensable accessory; before solving the problem of blocking the net, you should first find the reason for the blockage of the material; common causes are materials. The characteristics of the material and the shape of the material are irregular; the measures that can be taken for these problems are:

(1) The problems caused by the characteristics of viscosity, adsorption, agglomeration, static electricity, etc., and the corresponding cleaning device can be selected;

(2) If the material of in the form of a polygon or a strip, it is necessary to use a perforated plate for cleaning the screen panels.



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