Tunnel shield mud recovery device

Tunnel construction mud purifier, cofferdam continuous wall mud purifier, various mud recovery, and purification devices. LZZG specializes in R&D and manufacturing of special mud separator for piling, special mud purification device for piling, mud pile recovery machine for cross-river tunnel, mud purification device for railway and track shield engineering, mud separator for bridge under construction, mud slurry purifier for tunnel construction, Various types of mud recovery and purification devices for cofferdam continuous wall mud purifiers.

mud cleaning and recovery machine

The mud separator can be used with cycloidal pinwheels, planetary gears or hydraulic differentials with heavy load and large transmission ratio. It has a good effect and high separation efficiency and can be adapted to the construction process in different areas of various sand mining construction.

At present, the treatment separation of pile-based mud is mainly a mechanical treatment separation method. After mechanical treatment separation, it can be semi-dry, convenient for transportation, no dripping, can be piled up, and after a few days of sun drying, there is nothing in the field. Dangerous.

There are many kinds of equipment for mechanical treatment separation, but the more commonly used horizontal screw centrifuges, the plate and frame filter presses are classified into flat plate frame type and gravure plate frame filter press.

plate and frame filter press

The advantages of this mud recovery device

1. The full purification of the mud is beneficial to control the performance index of the mud, the stuck drilling accident, and the hole making.
2, the effective separation of the soil, is conducive to the effectiveness of hole making.
3. The repeated use of mud is conducive to saving pulping materials and construction costs.
4. Closed circulation of mud and low moisture content of the feed are conducive to pollution. The operation is safe and convenient, the maintenance is simple, and the operation is stable and reliable.

Piling special mud separator (mud recovery device) is a special mud processing equipment independently developed by LZZG, which belongs to environmentally-friendly high-tech products. The two different mud purification methods of vibrating screening and cyclone separation are reasonably combined to form a closed-loop purification system for mud treatment. It is suitable for the purification of mud in pile foundation engineering, anti-seepage wall engineering, mud-water balance method shield, and pipe jacking construction using mud retaining wall and circulating drilling technology in modern foundation construction.

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