Solution to the clogging of the sieve of the trommel screen

The drum screen is a simple screening device. The trommel screen is easy to close and collect dust, the maintenance is small, the maintenance is simple, and the service life is long. It is a device frequently used in refractory materials, coal, river sand classification, and sandstone classification. The advantage of the trommel screen is that the structure is not complicated so that the device can be quickly operated, and when the trommel has problems, people can easily solve it.

But what should I do when the screen of the trommel screen is blocked? The following screen will introduce several ways to solve the phenomenon of blocking the net.

The trommel screen sometimes adopts a mechanism added to the fixed frame, and then the mechanism rotates to drive the belt mounted on the belt to continuously smear the surface of the sieve hole, thereby sucking out the raw material particles blocked in the sieve hole. One of the disadvantages in practice is that it produces a lot of dust.

Another method is that the drum sifter is impacted by a ram, which requires a sufficiently large wall thickness of the support ring sleeve to withstand the impact of the ram when it clears the clogging of the material particles.

The third method: using water flushing to flush out impurities that block the screen. A stainless steel pipe with many small holes can be installed at the top of the drum sifter to rush the impurities blocking the screen by the force of the water flow.

As the main accessory of the trommel screen, the quality of the bearing directly affects the quality of the trommel screen extension, so it is necessary to check the bearing of the trommel screen extension before installation. Before installing the drum sifter extension bearing, first, check the following aspects:

trommel screen (1)

1. Check the size of the associated parts and the finishing conditions;

2. After installing the bearing and associated components, check the effect of the installation; whether the installation process of the bearing and associated components is correct; whether to clean the bearings and the associated components of the bearings;

3. Lubricant supply: general grease, no need to clean, can be filled directly with grease. Except for bearings for bearings or high speed, such bearings should be cleaned with clean oil to remove the coating on the bearing. Rust inhibitor.

The above is the three solutions to the clogging phenomenon of the drum screen. The drum screen can meet the screening of different materials and can be classified according to the size of the material particles. It has been widely used in various industries such as the chemical industry, building materials, and mining.

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