The sewage produced by washing fluorite is difficult to settle What is the reason?

The sewage produced by washing fluorite contains only about 5% mud, but it is difficult to settle. Please tell me why. After fluorite is mined, because a lot of crushed fluorite is mixed with the mud on the mountain, it needs to be cleaned. However, after washing fluorite The sewage is difficult to settle, and the mud content of the sewage is only about 5%. With PAM and PAC added, the maximum sedimentation speed is only 0.021mm/s; it is 4 times more difficult to settle than fluorite flotation sewage. What is this? Please tell me why. Is there any good solution?


It may be that you added too much PAC. Excessive PAC will produce too many small flocculent alum flowers, which are not easy to settle. I suggest you find a few bottles for experiments, add PAC first and stir. When flocculent alum appears, Stop adding the medicine when the flowers bloom; add a small amount of PAM and stir until the large alum flowers appear. You can do it a few more times to see which effect is better, and then you can calculate the amount of medicine to add.

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