A breakthrough in the comprehensive utilization of gold mine tailings

tailing reatment plant comprehensive utilization of tailings

Xincheng Gold Mine began to explore the construction plan of “comprehensive utilization of tailings” in 2019. After various investigations, potassium albite, as the main raw material for ceramics and glass, is used in large quantities and has a large market gap. The feldspar content is close to 60%, which is the raw material of high-quality potassium albite, and finally established the feasibility of tailings as a potassium albite raw material.

After three years of exploration and research at Xincheng Gold Mine, the tailings comprehensive utilization project has realized the transformation of tailings from waste into treasure and efficient utilization, which not only promotes the perfect integration of green and low-carbon production methods and the new development pattern, but can also be used according to the raw material market. The changes adjust the production line to produce the raw materials that the market desperately needs.

A new process for tailings disposal, using iron removal and dehydration process, using classification-magnetic impurity removal-permanent magnet-vertical ring high gradient magnetic separation-mica magnetic separation after four-stage iron removal, coarse sand, finished material, iron slag, tailings are obtained. These four products are then processed as construction sand additives, ceramic floor tile base materials, cement additives, construction bricks and ceramsite raw materials, etc., to make full use of the idle resources of tailings. ”

This process has the following advantages: First, the output ratio of each product in the production line can be adjusted according to the changes in the raw material market to meet the market demand; second, no chemicals are used in the production process, and no secondary pollution occurs in the entire production process;

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