Stone washing machine can reduce powder in crushed stone

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Building a crushing production line is mostly a profitable business, but recently, many customers have reported that the crushed stone produced by the stone crushing production line has a large amount of powder coating, and buyers are very concerned about the stone powder content of the crushed stone, so they cannot be sold at a good price. , very distressed. In fact, the solution to this trouble is very simple, just add a stone washing machine. What are the models of the washing machine? What is the output? Is the effect good or not? This article gives you a detailed introduction.

Choose the right stone washing machine model

The stone washing machine, also known as sand washing machine and wheel bucket sand washing machine, can clean and separate the stone powder and soil in the sand and gravel. Its novel sealing structure and reliable transmission device ensure the effect of cleaning and dehydration. It is used in conjunction with the sand making machine. A kind of sand washing equipment, which is widely used in the washing and selection of materials in mines, building materials, chemicals, transportation, concrete mixing stations and other industries.

Sand washing effect and performance characteristics of stone washing machine

Cleaning effect of stone washing machine: The stone washing machine is also known as sand washing machine, sand washing machine and wheel bucket sand washing machine. During the operation, it can wash, classify and dehydrate the sand. The content is small, and the cleanliness can reach 99%, which can effectively improve the quality of the finished sand and gravel and make it meet the standards of various construction sand.

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