Special vibrating screen for carbon materials

The difference between the carbon material special screen and the ordinary large linear vibrating screen is the secondary vibration damping device. Ordinary large-scale linear vibrating screen is composed of a screen box and a damping spring. The carbon material special screen is composed of a common large linear vibrating screen with a secondary damping body and a secondary damping spring. 1/6 of the dynamic load or less (depending on the design).

The special vibrating screen for carbon materials runs smoothly, has low noise, low maintenance rate and reduces the dynamic load of the foundation.

vibrating screen for carbon materials

vibrating screen vibrating screen

success case

A carbon plant project in Jinan is an old line renovation. After several years of production after the renovation, the use of special refractory screens has changed the previous problems of high noise and serious floor vibration. And the output and accuracy have been improved, making the ingredients more accurate.

In addition, the designed refractory special screen adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the screen body is connected to the dust removal system, so that the vibrating screen machine is in a negative pressure working state, and there is no dust flying, so that the working environment is purified; the inlet of the screen machine is equipped with a distributor to make the screen surface cloth. Evenly, screening is more adequate. The special screen for refractory materials has a small dynamic load and can well solve the interference of the environment on the screening of carbon materials. It is an optimal new configuration for carbon material manufacturers to choose.

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