What is the application of sand washing machine

Sand washing machine is mainly for washing sand and gravels. It has a simple structure and long service life. And the investment of it is reasonable. Therefore, the sand washer is very popular in the sand making industry. The following explains why sand washing machine is so popular in wet sand production line.

sand washing machine


1. The powerful support of sand washing machine in production line

The higher difference between wet sand production line and dry sand production is whether water is used. The difference in equipment configuration is whether the sand washer is configured or not. In sand production line, a large amount of stone powder is often present during the crushing process of stone. In order to easily wash off the stone powder, the sand washing machinery comes in handy. It is an essential equipment for washing sand used in sand making machine, which has the advantages of high washing degree, reasonable structure, large processing capacity and small power consumption. Therefore, the sand washing machine has a strong auxiliary role in wet sand production line.

2. The powerful effect of sand washing machine on subsequent products

Another important reason is that the sand washing machine has a good washing effect on subsequent finished sand, which makes the finished sand more smooth,cleaner, and higher grading. In this way, with the shaping effect of sand making machine, the sand and gravel materials produced can meet the requirements of high standards and high indexes in the construction industry on the market. What makes the user happy is that the unit sandstone can get more economic profits, so the economic benefits are significant. This has to say that this is the credit of sand washing machine.


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