Sand washer for mountain sand river sand to remove clay

River sand is naturally formed sand, which is characterized by low soil content and low impurities. River sand is mainly sedimentary sand of river beach, and its appearance is grayish white or grayish yellow, which is composed of fine sand, medium coarse sand, coarse sand, gravel layer and gravel layer. The composition and clay content of river sand, mountain sand, sea sand in different places are also different, and it needs to be washed with a sand washer to become high-quality construction sand.

sand washer to remove clay

The occurrence of river sand is based on the river bed. The surface layer is inclined from the river bank to the river bed, and the slope is inclined from the upstream to the downstream. The apparent density of the river sand is 2580kg/m3, the bulk density is 1569kg/m3, and the fineness modulus is 2.89. The mud content is 1.34%. River sand has the characteristics of hard texture and clear color and is a good building material.

mountain sand washing machine

Sand washing machines generally include impeller sand washing machines, spiral sand washing machines, drum sand washer etc. The sand washer has features like low water consumption, low volume, and low investment. Impellers use wear-resisting plate or polyurethane material so as to reduce the running cost. Simple structure, rarely requiring maintenance, thus greatly reducing costs.

sand washer + wastewater treatment equipment

LZZG thickener tank has high processing capacity, the maximum processing capacity of a single unit can handle 200m³ / h, high solid concentration at the bottom of the effluent, low operating cost, small footprint, low investment, energy-saving, low operating cost, simple operation, and convenient management. The quality of overflow water can easily meet national discharge standards or be recycled. Therefore, it is very popular among customers of large mines and sand washing plants.

washed sand





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