Simple way to distinguish manufactured sand and river sand

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It is important for concrete to choose the quality of sand. Although now with the progress of sand-making equipment technology, the quality of machine-made sand is closer to that of river sand. But there are also artificial sand made by poor-quality sand-making equipment on the market.

It is necessary to distinguish between this kind of machine-made sand and river sand. When buying sand, you can identify its quality in a simple way.

The first step, put your hand into the bag and reach out to grab a handful of sand. After opening your hand, if the sand is clumpy, it means that there is much mud in the sand and the quality is poor.
If the sand is scattered into small pieces, the quality is good.

Second, the sand should be wet and not too dry. If the sand is fine and dry, like soil, it can’t be used either.

Third, it can be distinguished from the color. The normal sand color is yellow, if the sand color is very black, then it means that there is a lot of soil inside, it is best not to use it.

If the quality of the sand is not very good, you can appropriately increase the proportion of cement and increase the strength.

In addition, if it is only a small area of repair, the amount of sand used is relatively small, you can flush the sand with water and reduce the amount of mud inside.

manufactured sand and river sand

Choice of sand for home decoration.

1. Particle size: generally speaking, the effect of neutral sand in home decoration is better.
Irregular coarse sand also needs to screen laborious materials, and too fine will also bring a lot of problems.

2. Impurities: the less impurities should be protected, the better.
If there are impurities such as soil, dead leaves and so on, it will greatly increase the probability of ceramic tile hollow drum and weak bonding.

3. The specifications: the same installation project had better use the same specification of sand, in addition, there is no need for owners to buy brand sand.

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