Application of environmental friendly sand recovery machine in sand production project

With the continuous development of construction industry and the increasingly strong demand of the market, natural sand is in short supply. So the artificial sand has quickly become the mainstream of sand and gravel industry. However, in the production of artificial sand, there is also problem. The loss of fine sand not only affects the output, but also the long-lasting loss phenomenon seriously pollutes the ecological environment.


sand recovery machine


In order to solve this problem as soon as possible, various sand washing equipment manufacturers dived into study and experiment. Finally the final sand recovery machine appeared.


sand recovery machine


1. Recovering fine sand to increase production and avoiding the loss of wealth. In the traditional process, the use of sand washing machine causes a large amount of fine sand to be lost while improving the cleanness of sand and gravel, which is an intangible loss of wealth for enterprises. The fine sand recovery equipment can recover a large amount of fine sand in muddy water discharged by sand washing machines, which greatly increase the output of sand production plant and bring economic benefits to enterprise.


2. Reducing the sedimentation of sedimentation tank and saving processing costs. The  discharge of tailing water inevitably causes rapid deposition of sedimentation tank. Fine sand recovery can slows the sedimentation and reduces the treatment cost.


3. Reducing the emission of fine sand and reducing environmental pollution. Environmental issues have always been a problem that the country has paid more attention to in recent years, and it is also one of the more sensitive problems of sand and stone enterprises. The fine sand recycling machine reduces the discharge of fine sand to the environment and reduces the pollution to the environment.


4. The recover of fine sand improves the sand quality. The major impact of the loss of fine sand in traditional sand and gravel process is the low content of fine sand in sand and gravels, which makes the fineness modulus of sand and gravel material unbalanced. This seriously affects the sand quality. The use of a fine sand recovery machines to is a good solution to problem of low sand content in the sand. The sand and gravel recovered by sand recovery machine can meet the requirements of the construction and bring greater development space for enterprises.


5. Working with traditional sand and gravel equipment to achieve better effects. It is only necessary to discharge the muddy water discharged from sand washing machinery directly into the fine sand recovery machine, which is directly a huge economic benefit.


Under the above numerous advantages, fine sand recycling system is favored by the majority of sand and gravel manufacturers. LZZG is a professional manufacturer of fine sand recycling machines, has solved the serious problem of fine sand loss for more than hundreds of sand and gravel production lines.


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