A system for the production of sand and gravel using tunnel stone

0 discharge sand washing plant

The gravel system is located near the exit of the Xinjie Tunnel to the main line of the Yanglaohe Super Bridge, close to County Road 306, and undertakes the production task of about 200,000 cubic meters of aggregate. ~4.75 mm, 4.75~9.5 mm, 9.5~19 mm, 19~31.5 mm and other four specifications of aggregates. The system process is divided into three stages of crushing, namely coarse crushing, medium crushing (production of finished products), fine crushing (sand making), and the system production adopts dry production process. It consists of coarse crushing workshop, medium crushing workshop (finished product workshop), first screening workshop, second screening workshop, sand making workshop, temporary stockpile for finished products, finished product silo and corresponding auxiliary facilities, etc. All workshops use adhesive tape machines are connected to each other.

LZZG can provide customers with a complete set of sand washing equipment, using high-quality materials, and the sand washing equipment is more durable.

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