The sand and gravel production plant EPC

The sand and gravel production plant EPC is the first step to the sand production line. The general term for key turnkey projects. EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) means that the contractor is entrusted by the owner to carry out the whole process or several stages of the design, procurement, construction, and trial operation of the construction project in accordance with the contract.

1. Design plan
The design institute organizes relevant personnel from various departments such as process, electromechanical, and cost personnel to survey the project site, collect design materials for process design, and come up with a preliminary process design plan for the actual sand and gravel production line configuration.
2. On-site surveying and mapping

The design institute issues a general layout plan, and after the engineering center is approved, the project department will review the design drawings and summarize the relevant details. The owner organizes the project construction, design, geological survey, and supervision for drawing review and technical disclosure, forming meeting minutes to guide construction and production .

3. Civil construction
The formal civil construction drawings and electrical design plan drawings provided by the design institute are sent to the person in charge of civil construction and the person in charge of electrical installation in the engineering management center. Construction of civil engineering, steel structure, equipment and electrical installation, public auxiliary facilities configuration construction.

4. Installation and debugging
Responsible for organizing equipment installation and construction to solve various technical problems in the equipment installation process.
Responsible for the start-up and operation of the equipment, organization of stand-alone debugging, production line trial production with load, and officially put into production operation.

5. Service Guarantee
Service content: Provide various accessories to respond to users’ maintenance and transformation needs
Service details: outside the product quality guarantee period, we still assume the obligation of after-sales service, that is, provide customers with product matching and accessories, and solve problems for customers (the corresponding fees are charged at cost prices)

6. Focus on environmental protection
Our final expectation is to build a new advanced sand and gravel aggregate production line that is dust-free, noise-free, sewage-free, environmentally friendly, and completes the harmony and unity of man and nature.

gravel production plantaggregate washing plant

Advantages of EPC mode of sand and gravel plant

(1) Emphasize and give full play to the leading role of design in the entire project construction process. It is conducive to the continuous optimization of the overall project construction plan.
(2) It is conducive to the reasonable connection of the design, procurement, and construction stages, and effectively realizes the progress, cost and quality control of the construction project in compliance with the construction project contractual agreement, ensuring better investment benefits.
(3) The main body responsible for the project quality of the sand and gravel plant is clear.

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