Roller trommel screen for quick separation of domestic waste

trommel screening plant

Drum screens are used for product classification in the mining, construction materials, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries. According to material products and user requirements, high-manganese steel woven mesh, perforated screen and rubber screen can be used.

Due to the complexity of domestic waste, it is difficult to separate it quickly. After years of experience accumulation, our company has gradually developed a comprehensive set of comprehensive domestic waste treatment solutions.

Overview of Domestic Waste Solutions

The domestic garbage that has passed through bag breaking, crushing and artificial bulk screening is sorted out by the size of the drum sieve. The materials on the drum sieve are generally large plastic bottles, cans, etc., which can be used to clean organic matter, granulate, and sieve. The lower objects are processed by a star plate sieve. The water content and fine sand, and the finely divided residues can be used for anaerobic fermentation and landfill. The star plate sieve is sorted by eddy current to sort non-ferrous metals ( Non-ferrous metals have a higher recycling value), and if wastes containing non-ferrous metals are directly landfilled or burned, there will be carcinogens such as dioxins; non-ferrous metals materials will be sorted by positive and negative wind pressure of the air separator to separate light materials. For example, films, plastics, and fabrics can be selected as RDF after subsequent drying treatment and sent to a waste incineration power plant for power generation. The underscreens of wind separators are generally heavy objects, of which stones, tiles, etc. can be used for construction aggregate.

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