Environmental protection measures for domestic waste incineration power plants

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The Comprehensive utilization of waste incineration power plant slag project mainly adopts: “slag-front loading machine-receiving hopper-iron remover-sand making machine-jigging machine-slag fishing machine-finished slag-intelligent brick making equipment-finished environmentally friendly bricks” process; the main equipment is: eddy current separator , sand fishing machine, iron removal device, sand blasting machine, jig, shaker, wet magnetic separator, dewatering screen, traveling crane, filter press, intelligent brick making equipment, etc. The project covers a total area of 15,340 square meters and has a total investment of 38 million yuan, including 1.272 million yuan in environmental protection investment.

Comprehensive utilization of waste incineration power plant slag

Waste Incineration Power Plants Environmental Protection Measures

1. Adopt low-dust construction technology, set up fences at construction material storage points, remove the earth and stone excavated from the construction site in a timely manner, and take measures to sprinkle water to suppress dust. The material storage site should be covered with dust-proof nets, and material transportation should be carried out Enclosed transportation and strict control of construction dust.

2. The dust generated in the slag treatment process of this project is collected by the gas collection hood and enters a set of high-efficiency film-coated bag dust collectors for treatment and then discharged through a 15m high exhaust pipe. The standards for organized emission of particulate matter should be met: particulate matter 30mg/m3; The dust generated by the cement silo loading and mixing process is processed by a set of high-efficiency film-coated bag dust collectors and then discharged through a 15m-high exhaust pipe, with particles of 10 mg/m3. By taking measures such as locating the slag storage area in the factory building and installing sprinkler devices in the storage area, we ensure that the unorganized emission of particulate matter at the factory boundary meets: particulate matter 1.0 mg/m3.

3. The slag treatment wastewater in this project is settled in the sedimentation tank and the supernatant is reused for production without being discharged. After domestic sewage is treated in the septic tank, it will meet the “Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard” (GB8978-1996).

4. This project should take effective measures such as basic shock absorption, factory sound insulation, and distance attenuation to ensure that the factory boundary noise meets the requirements of Category 3 standards of the “Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises at Factory Boundaries” (GB12348-2008).

5. A temporary storage room for solid waste should be set up for general solid waste in this project, classified and stored, and properly disposed of. Hazardous wastes should be set up in temporary storage areas for hazardous wastes. After centralized collection, they should be handed over to qualified units for disposal on a regular basis.

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