River sand sea sand screening equipment 80-120TPH

The linear vibrating screen uses a vibrating motor to make the material be thrown up and jumped forward on the screen surface to achieve the purpose of screening. It is suitable for sieving the dry powder or granular material of 0.074-5mm.

1 It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, and no blockage and dust-free structure.
2 High screening of meshes, up to 7 sizes of materials can be screened.
3 It is stable, reliable, low in consumption, low in noise, long in life, stable in vibration mode and high in screening efficiency. It is widely used in mining, coal, smelting, building materials, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry and other industries.

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Maintenance of linear vibrating screen

The vibrating screen can be used to screen ceramsite sand, quartz sand, foundry sand, glass sand, talcum powder, silicon carbide, perlite, garnet, and other materials. The maintenance of the screen machine during long-term work is more important.
1. The first thing to check is the screen. This is also a must for vibrating screen inspection. It depends on whether the screen is damaged or not.
2. The second thing to check is the transportation support problem, see if the support is in place, or if it is safe to remove it when not in use.
3. After starting, you should also check whether the current is stable, whether there is noise or abnormality when discharging. When the vibrating screen stops working, we should clean the screen and internal impurities immediately.

Linear vibrating screen working principle:

The river sand vibrating screen uses vibration motor excitation as the vibration source so that the material is thrown up on the screen and also moves forward. The linear vibrating screen is driven by a double vibration motor. When the two vibration motors are synchronized and reversed, The exciting force exhibited by the partial pain block cancels each other in a tendency parallel to the motor axis, and the tendency perpendicular to the motor axis is a combined force so that the moving track of the screen machine is non-stop line. The screen surface of the two motor shafts has an inclination angle. Under the combined effect of the excitation force and the self-gravity of the material, the material is thrown up and forwarded in a straight line on the screen surface, and then the purpose of selecting and classifying the material is reached.

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