Replacing the underflow port of the cyclone with old pipe fittings

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Replacing the bottom orifice of the cyclone with old pipe joints greatly increases the use time of the cyclone and saves corporate funds.
The Coal Washing Plant of Xinkuang Group found that the bottom outflow port of the concentration cyclone was severely worn during the daily equipment inspection, which severely restricted actual production and needed to be replaced. In order to solve the problem in time and reduce material costs, Huafeng Coal Washing Plant actively seeks countermeasures.

Through negotiation, the mechanical and electrical maintenance team of the plant used discarded old pipe joints to replace the cyclone bottom flow port, and put them into production in time, which did not cause delays in production, but also realized the reuse of waste pipes, greatly reducing material expenses and reducing Cost of production. At present, the reassembled cyclone is operating normally, the working condition is stable, and the underflow material is umbrella-shaped, which can be better suitable for actual production.

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Cyclone is an indispensable coal washing equipment in every coal washing plant. However, due to long-term use, the underflow port is easy to wear. The electromechanical maintenance team of Huafeng Coal Washing Plant uses discarded old pipe joints to replace the underflow port of the cyclone. The operation effect is good. The Huafeng Coal Washing Plant uses waste materials to develop new ideas, solves the big problem of on-site equipment parts replacement, and greatly saves material costs.

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