Reformation of filter press in coal washing plant to improve work efficiency


The special filter press for coal washing has the characteristics of fully automatic operation, safe and reliable equipment, fast and efficient filter press, strong adaptability to materials, low water content of the filter cake, and strong production capacity. The special filter press for coal washing is mainly used for dewatering clean coal, tailings and primary slime.

Recently, Jinneng Group’s coal washing plant has transformed the squeezing system of the clean coal filter press in the heavy medium workshop. On the basis of the original air squeezing system, a hydraulic squeezing system has been added, and the dual squeezing medium of high-pressure air and high-pressure water has been realized. System conversion can effectively improve the working efficiency of the filter press and ensure the continuity of clean coal production.

filter press for coal slime dewatering

According to reports, the clean coal filter press of the coal washing plant is mainly used to dehydrate the flotation clean coal. The pressing process is the key link. The high-pressure air squeezing was originally used, but the system has unstable squeezing air pressure and the product moisture is sometimes high and sometimes low. , Exhaust noise after squeezing is large, etc. For this reason, the maintenance personnel of the coal washing plant added a set of high-pressure hydraulic squeezing system composed of water tank, squeezing water pump, inlet and outlet pipes, and pneumatic valves on the basis of the original high-pressure air squeezing system. , And connect the high-pressure air inlet and outlet pipes and the high-pressure water inlet and outlet pipes to the squeezing system in parallel, and install valves on the pipelines to control them separately.

After the hydraulic press coal slime recovery process is put into use, it has the advantages of low product moisture, low energy consumption, no noise pollution, and simple maintenance. At the same time, the flexible conversion of dual systems avoids shutdown accidents caused by single system failures and ensures clean coal Washing is continuous and stable.

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