Quartz sand making plant with an output of 200 tons per hour

High hardness of quartz stone, sand making plant with an output of 200 tons per hour. Main equipment: crusher + sand making machine + vibrating screen + feeder + sand washing machine;

Quartz stone sand production line user site

The process of making sand from quartz stone: the raw materials need to be coarsely crushed—jaw crusher, and then finely crushed—cone crusher, crushed into small stones between 5-10mm and 10-20mm, and then need to pass through multi-layer screening of vibrating screen.

The stones that meet the requirements of the quartz stone sand making machine are used for sand making operations. The qualified sand is cleaned and dehydrated by the sand washing machine, and the sediment is separated, which can meet the needs of construction sand. The particle size and shape are very good, so quartz stone can be made into Sand is used, and quartz sand making is not illegal.

silica sand processing plant

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