The parameters and price of the hill stone sand washing machine

Hill stone is a very common sandstone. Its raw material is natural rock. Usually, in order to make it better used in the construction industry, sand washing machines are used to produce and process it.
The key to mountain washing sand is to choose environmentally friendly and efficient sand washing machines

Nowadays, there are many types of sand washing machines on the market of sand and gravel materials, which are very suitable for washing rock and sand and are environmentally friendly and effective equipment. It is the bucket-type sand washing machine, which can be produced and processed according to different Yonghua According to requirements, single-wheel, double-wheel, and three-wheel sand washing operations can be designed.

The reason why this equipment is said to be an environmentally friendly and effective sand washing machine, in addition to its changeable shape, it also has the following advantages:

1. Bucket-type sand washing machine is a cleaning equipment for processing sand and gravel and slag dust. A sedimentation tank can be formed under the inclined water tank, which can recycle water and reduce water waste; it can be effectively operated under the action of the impeller. And the loss rate of fine sand and stone powder is very small, and the recovery rate is relatively high.

2. The screen of the wheel sand washer can be freely replaced according to the user’s production needs, and the screen itself is made of highly wear-resistant materials, so the service life will be longer.

3. The impeller cleaning method not only has a high degree of cleanliness, but also has a very large processing volume per unit time and low power consumption.

4. The structure of the equipment is simple and easy to maintain. The impeller transmission device can be effectively isolated from water and materials, which can avoid damage to the bearing due to water, sand and pollutants, and can increase its service life and maintain effective operation.

5. The bucket wheel design can also avoid dust leakage during the cleaning process of mountain sand, thus ensuring green operation.

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