Price of sandstone aggregate production line with 300TPH capacity

The cost to configure an aggregate production line

The large-scale environmental protection sand-making plant mainly crushes large-scale stones into sand that meets the requirements of particle size for later application in various fields. The specific configuration depends on the user’s operating conditions. There are technical teams here based on the operating environment. , Infrastructure construction, investment budget, and other tailor-made designs, here are provided two sets of plans for everyone, the specific large-scale stone plant sand, and aggregate production line configuration list is as follows;

Fixed large-scale sand production equipment configuration

1. Fixed large-scale sand production equipment configuration, the price is about $60,000 to $120,000

Feeder + Jaw Crusher (Coarse Crusher) + Impact Crusher (Medium Crusher) + Sand Making Machine + Vibrating Screen + Sand Washer + Conveyor;

① The specific length and position of the conveyor can be determined according to the actual site conditions

② According to the characteristics of the material, the size of the feed granularity, the output, etc., whether to use the secondary crushing equipment can be selected, and in order to meet the different processing needs of customers, cone crushers and dust removal devices can be configured. It is durable and can handle harder stones, such as river pebble, granite …

mobile sand production equipment

2. Large mobile sand production equipment, the price is about $60,000-$200,000

Large mobile sand making machine + sand washing machine;

If the granularity of raw materials is large, mobile jaw crusher can be equipped, with multiple units connected and high output.

Large-scale mobile sand production equipment can be directly driven to the job site, flexible transfer, no need for piling, integrated unit, small footprint, 1-2 people can control the entire site, saving raw material transportation costs.

environmental protection sand washing production line

LZZG green sand washing production line

1. Select sand equipment with green environmental protection certification mechanism, adopt fully sealed labyrinth structure dust removal technology, strong overall sealing type, good dust removal effect, and automatic dust removal function.

2. Equipped with high-standard dust collector, muffler, off-site spray facilities, etc., you can also choose to establish a sealed operation workshop and closed conveyor belt. If sand washing is used, a sedimentation tank can be set up to treat wastewater and recycle water use.

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