Portable aggregate wash plant price working principle

The portable aggregate washing plant has excellent screening and recovery performance, suitable for various materials. The material enters the vibratory screening through the circular vibrating screen from the feeder and then is cleaned by the spiral sand washing machine. The material enters the fine sand recycling machine for dehydration, Recycling. Reach the whole process of material screening, recovery, and dehydration. Portable aggregate wash plant price and parameters.

Portable aggregate wash plant

Structural of portable aggregate washing plant

mobile trailer chassis, a screening device, water washing device, dehydration recovery device, pump and motor components, conveyor belt, electric control, and hydraulic system, etc.

mobile sand washing plant

Working Process

The material is artificial sand or natural sand, which is fed to the screening device through a belt conveyor, and the material on the screen is conveyed to the storage yard as a finished product by the belt conveyor, and the sieved material enters the sand washing device through the flow slot, and is Fully immersed, stirred and cleaned in the process, the cleaned materials are then dehydrated and recycled when they are transported to the front-end dehydration equipment, and qualified sand is produced.


1. Highly integrated and automatic design eliminates the cumbersome site layout, basic installation and other tasks.

2. Strong mobility, flexible, convenient, environmentally friendly and intelligent screening, washing, recycling and dehydration workstations.

3. The integration of the whole set of units eliminates the complicated site infrastructure installation operations of the split components, reduces the consumption of materials and working hours, and the reasonable and compact space layout of the unit increases the flexibility of the site stationing.

4. Reduce the transportation cost of materials and process materials on site, reducing the transportation cost of materials.

5. Customized service, according to different material types and product requirements, provide flexible process and equipment configuration to meet user process requirements.

6. Strong adaptability, it can be operated independently, or it can be combined with crushing equipment and back-end tail water treatment equipment for joint operation.


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