Composition and function of drilling mud circulation system

Dlilling Fluids are the general term for various circulating fluids that meet the needs of drilling operations with multiple functions during oil and gas drilling. Drilling fluid is also known as Drilling Muds, or simply Muds.

Drilling fluid circulation system

The circulation of the drilling fluid is maintained by a circulating mud pump. The high-pressure drilling fluid discharged from the mud pump passes through the ground high-pressure manifold, riser, hose, faucet, kelly, drill pipe, drill collar to the drill bit, and sprays from the drill nozzle. Out to clean the bottom of the well and carry cuttings. Then, the annular space formed along the drill string and the well wall (or casing) flows upwards, and after reaching the ground, flows into the mud pool through the discharge pipeline, and then returns to the upper pool through various solid control equipment, and finally enters the mud pump cycle. Use again. The various pipe fittings and equipment through which the drilling fluid flows constitute a complete drilling fluid circulation system.

Mud purification system for river dredging

Drilling fluids are currently known to have the following effects:

1) Clean the bottom of the well and carry cuttings. Keep the bottom of the well clean, avoid repeated cutting of the drill bit, reduce wear and improve efficiency.
2) Cool and lubricate the drill bit and drill string. Reduce the temperature of the drill bit, reduce the wear of the drill and increase the service life of the drill.
3) Balance the rock side pressure of the well wall to form a filter cake on the well wall to close and stabilize the well wall. Prevent pollution of oil and gas layers and collapse of the borehole wall.
4) Balance (control) formation pressure. Prevent blowout, leaks, and prevent formation fluid from contaminating the drilling fluid.
5) Suspended cuttings and weighting agents. Reduce the rate of cuttings and avoid sanding.
6) Can remove sand and cuttings on the ground. 7) Effective delivery of hydraulic power. The power required to deliver the downhole power drill and the hydraulic power of the drill bit.
8) Withstand part of the gravity ofthe drill pipe and casing. The buoyancy of the drilling fluid to the drill and casing reduces the load on the hoisting system during the drilling.
9) A large amount of information for the stratum being drilled. The drilling fluid can be used for electrical logging, cutting logging, etc. to obtain downhole data.
10) Hydraulic crushed rock. The high-speed jet formed by the drilling fluid through the nozzle can directly break or assist in breaking the rock.

The overall design of LZZG oil drilling mud purification system meets the requirements of QHSE, fully embodying the people-oriented spirit. The matching components are made of domestic advanced, reliable and mature products. Meet zero emission requirements. The layout of pipes and valves is reasonable. All rubber parts (gas tires, subsea valve rubber, butterfly valves, telescopic short-section rubber parts, etc.) are filled with mud oil, which are qualified for oil, high temperature and anti-aging products.

LZZG drilling mud purification system consists of mud vibrating screen, desander, desilting cyclone, mud tank, etc. At present, drilling fluid mud purification equipment is widely used in oil and gas field drilling, non-excavation horizontal directional crossing, coalbed methane drilling, shale Gas mining, shield mud and water separation, river silt environmental protection and other fields.

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