Delivery of oil sludge and sand separation equipment

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Recently, customer-customized sludge separation equipment was produced and delivered. It was sent to the Xinjiang oil field project site to help the customer’s project construction steadily advance.

The R&D personnel of Longzhong Heavy Industry integrated the existing oilfield sludge treatment technology and developed a set of oilfield oily sludge separation equipment based on the actual situation of the customer’s project.

The system uses scrubbing machines to fully stir and disperse, centrifugal separation, dehydration recovery and other technical processes to effectively separate the various phases in the oily sludge, truly realizing the four-phase separation of oil, mud, sand and water, and at the same time reaching the relevant national standards. Emission standards also generate economic benefits for enterprises.


Oil, mud, sand and water separation process flow

After the material enters the silo, it is washed by water flow surrounding three sides and flows into the scrubbing machine, where it is fully stirred, scrubbed and dispersed.

Then it enters the inlet end of the dewatering screen for dehydration. The material on the screen is fully dehydrated while moving to the discharge end at a constant speed. The material under the screen enters the water tank under the screen and is pumped by the slurry pump to the cyclone for fine sand recovery. In the cyclone After being concentrated and separated, it falls from the bottom outlet of the cyclone into the feed end of the dewatering screen to start dehydration, and is dehydrated together with the materials on the screen to produce finished sand.

Integrated structure, easy to install

The sludge separation equipment integrates silos, scrubbing machines, dewatering fine sand recovery machines and other equipment into one. The structural design is compact and reasonable. The integrated structure has a small footprint and is easy to install without the need for a special installation foundation.

Longzhong Heavy Industry’s sludge separation equipment is of great significance for waste treatment. It can be used for reduction treatment, energy saving and emission reduction, waste utilization, and efficient recycling, which is in line with the current national requirements for the environmental protection industry.

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