marble stone wastewater processing filter press

The whole system adopts automatic intelligent control, with less maintenance personnel and low labor intensity. It adopts closed pipeline connection to ensure the site environment is clean and tidy and is suitable for related enterprises of all sizes.

Membrane filter press

The sewage treatment system is an ideal and economical solution to sewage treatment and clean water supply. The sewage tank is automatically supplied to the entire machine by the pressure of the water, without the need for a special supply water pump. The sewage treatment system increases the processing efficiency by inserting special plates without replacing the filter press. The inside of the transfer pump and the slag discharge valve are covered with rubber to improve the resistance to wear.

working principle

The sewage discharged from the processing workshop flows into the sewage tank through the trench, and the chemical liquid pool device prepares the precipitant and the tap water in proportion, and then quantitatively injects into the sewage tank, and then is pumped to the sewage tank through the submerged slurry pump, and the sewage tank is The sewage is polymerized and accelerated by the chemical flocculation of the liquid. The suspension is divided into upper and lower layers in the sewage tank, the upper part is clearer and the lower part is more turbid. While injecting sewage into the sewage tank, the upper layer of clean water is forced to overflow into the clean water tank, and the lower mud is intermittently discharged to the mud pool. The clean water in the clean water tank is recirculated to the workshop for recycling after being precipitated twice, and the mud deposited at the bottom of the tank is discharged into the mud pool. The sludge in the mud pool is evenly stirred and pumped by a plunger pump to a filter press for filtration. The mud forms a relatively dry filter cake in each filter chamber of the filter press, and the filter cake is transported to the landfill for treatment. The cleaned water filtered by the filter press is returned to the workshop for recycling.

filter press - lzzg

Compared with the sedimentation tank sewage purification treatment system commonly used by stone products manufacturers, the sewage treatment by sewage flocculation and sedimentation purification treatment of marble, granite decorative plates and other stone products has great advantages, which are manifested in the following aspects:

1. Sewage treatment capacity Large particles such as abrasive chips, abrasive grains, marble and granite formed in the production process of stone products such as marble and granite decorative plates are often difficult to precipitate, and suitable flocculant must be added to the sewage. After that, the particles such as abrasive chips, abrasive grains, marble, and granite can be quickly condensed into tightly-structured flocs (usually up to a few microns in size), speeding up the sedimentation rate, reducing the sedimentation time, and increasing the thickness to a large extent. Sewage treatment capacity.

2. Small footprint and low management cost When using sewage flocculation and sedimentation purification treatment system, the particles such as abrasive chips, abrasive grains, marble, and granite are forced by using appropriate flocculant, added amount and suitable structure form sewage sedimentation. Quickly condense into large compacts (usually up to a few millimeters in size) to speed up the precipitation and reduce the precipitation time. At the same time, the flocculant has the effect of a precaution and improves the filtration of sediment (sludge). Dehydration efficiency is beneficial to the peeling of the filter cake.

3. The high quality of sewage purification treatment can promote the rapid flocculation of particles such as abrasive chips, abrasive grains, marble and granite into densely structured large flocs by selecting suitable flocculants, added amount and sewage sedimentation device of suitable structure. Usually, it can be up to a few millimeters in size, and the content of fine suspended helium in the sewage (usually less than 10 PPM) is greatly reduced, thereby improving the quality of the purification treatment of the sewage.

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