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Kazakhstan coal reserves are among the top ten in the world

Kazakhstan coal mine

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan announced on the day of the “Miners’ Day” that the coal industry has always been one of the most important resource industries in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is one of the countries with the largest coal reserves in the world, and its proven coal reserves rank among the top ten in the world.90% of Kazakhstan’s coal reserves are concentrated in the north (Pavlodar region) and central (Karaganda region). Since independence, Kazakhstan’s cumulative coal output has exceeded 2.6 billion tons, and its cumulative export volume has reached 700 million tons.

At present, the coal industry guarantees 70% of Kazakhstan’s electricity supply and 100% of its coking production, and can meet the fuel needs of public utilities and residents. Kazakhstan is implementing the “2019-2021 coal sector development roadmap” and the “2019-2020 public utilities and residential coal demand plan.”

Kazakhstan has a great demand for high capacity coal washing equipment. lzzg has many years of experience in manufacturing coal screening equipment and coal washing equipment, and hopes to provide help for more coal companies.

Distribution of large coal mines in Kazakhstan

Most of the coal fields are located in Karaganda Oblast (Karaganda, Eskibastuz and Shubarkori coal fields) in central Kazakhstan and Pavlodar Oblast (Turgai Coal Field) in the north. Among them, Karaganda coal field reserves 9.3 billion tons, Turgai coal field 5.8 billion tons, and Akbatuz coal field 12.7 billion tons. The main producing areas of bituminous coal in Kazakhstan are Karaganda coal field, Ekibastuz coal field, etc.; the main producing areas of lignite are Turgai coal field and Maikubian coal field. At present, it is these 5-6 large coal fields and main producing areas that guarantee the coal supply of the entire Kazakhstan and dominate the coal market in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan coal mine

Top ten coal reserves countries in the world

Top 10 countries with the largest coal reserves in the world: Canada
Canada’s estimated coal reserves in 2012 reached 6.5 billion to 82 million tons.
Top 9 Columbia and Asia
Colombia in 2012 estimated coal reserves to reach 6.746 billion tons.
Top 8 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan estimated that its coal reserves reached 33.6 billion tons in 2012.
Top 7 Ukraine
Ukraine’s coal reserves were estimated to reach 33.873 million tons in 2012, and mining is one of Ukraine’s main industries.
Top 6 Germany
Germany estimated that its coal reserves reached 40.6 billion tons in 2012, and 50% of the country’s total coal production is used for power generation.
Top 5 India
India’s estimated coal reserves reached 60.6 billion tons in 2012, and India’s coal reserves accounted for 7% of the world’s total reserves.
Top 4 Australia
Australia’s estimated coal reserves reached 76.4 billion tons in 2012, and Australia’s coal reserves accounted for 8.9% of the world’s total reserves.
Top 3 China
China’s estimated coal reserves reached 114.5 billion tons in 2012, and China’s coal reserves accounted for 13.3% of the world’s total reserves.
Top 2 Russia
Russia’s estimated coal reserves in 2012 reached 15710 billion tons, and Russia’s coal reserves accounted for 18.2% of the world’s total reserves.
Top 1 the United States
The United States estimated that its coal reserves reached 23.295 billion tons in 2012, and the United States’ coal reserves accounted for 27.6% of the world’s total reserves.

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