Industry dewatering screen for fine materials

mining dewatering screen

Mine dewatering screen can be used for sand washing in sand and gravel plant, coal slime recovery in coal preparation plant, dry tailings of concentrator, etc. It is also called sand dewatering screen and slime dewatering screen. Tailings dewatering screen is often used in conjunction with thickeners for tailings treatment.

The high-frequency dewatering screen is a sieve that uses its own multiple frequencies for dewatering. It is the latest type of dewatering screen. It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and green, and meets the requirements of building a sustainable society. The high-frequency dewatering screen is mainly used in the process of dry tailings discharge, and the effect is extremely obvious. It is a new generation of landmark equipment for dry tailings discharge.

mining aggregate dewatering screen

Mining dewatering screen advantages

1. The dewatering screen is made of ultra-high polymer polyurethane, which is resistant to impact, low temperature, abrasion, chemical corrosion, self-lubrication, and impact energy absorption. The impact resistance is the highest among all plastics, and the wear resistance is better. PTFE, nylon, carbon steel, and other materials.
2. The vibration motor of the dewatering screen is easy to replace, and the base rubber spring is used to absorb vibration, so that the amplitude is not large, and the slow vibration can be taken off cleanly.
3. The dewatering screen can be customized according to the output and water content. The side panels of the fuselage have reinforced plates, the bottom is equipped with supports, the bottom is hit with horizontal bars, and the discharge port is supported by a triangular steel plate. The plate is thick.
4. The vibration motor is fixed with high-strength bolts, and the bottom spring is a rubber spring. The quality of the spring will affect the life of the vibration motor. The fixed density of the sieve plate is high, and the sieve plate has reinforcing ribs.
5. The sieve hole can be adjusted as required, the equipment has low noise and good dehydration effect.

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