Fine sand recycling machine is an ideal equipment for auxiliary disposal

Fine sand recycling machine is an ideal equipment for auxiliary disposal of construction garbage. Recycling find sand can increase the output of gravel and avoid the wealth loss. In the traditional technology, the use of sand washer causes a large amout of fine sand loss while enhancing the cleanness of gravel, it is an invisible wealth loss for enterprises. The fine sand recovery machine can effectively recycle a large amount of fine sand that is lost in the waste water discharged from the sand washing machine, which has greatly increased the production of gravel plant , avoided wealth loss and made economic benefits for gravel companies. Fine sand recycling equipment consists of vibrating screen, dewatering screen, slurry pump and return container,etc. It is very suitable for used in production lines such as large gravel sites and find sand places, and it is an ideal fine sand recycling equipment. Its appearance not only reduce the environmental pollution problem in the past fine sand recovery, but also reduce the problem of some clearing sediment tanks. It is a real good machine for increasing benefits and reducing pollution.


The fine sand recovery device is widely used for the recycling problems of fine particulate materials such as mud purification, gravel aggregate system of the hydropower station, glass raw material processing system, artificial sand-making production line, and recovery of coarse slime in coal preparation plant. The unique flexibility in the application of fine sand recovery machine enables it to move forward steadily. LZZG as a professional fine sand recycling device manufacturer, the high performance of fine sand recycling machine can produce many types of machines on the basis of customers’needs, and use our fine sand recovery machine complete function characteristic, apply to the industry, it can also be recognized as the first choice for fine sand recovery equipment industry.

The gravel production line collects gravel must be equipped with sand washer except for in river or sea, from the perspective of achieving thr benefits of gravel production line to a large extent, the loss of fine sand is an inevitavle fault for wet sand -making method, for a large amout of fine sand will loss in the sand washing machine, which it not only affects the whole quality of sand, but also increase the cost, even pollutes the environment seriously. Therefore, fine sand recycling machine has became an important existance, with the main function is to recovery lost sand in the process of artificial sand-making. It not only increases the quality of artificial sand, but also avoids polluted environment,which has critical meaning.


The process of feeding, separating, and unloading the sand separator of the sand recycling machine is continuously and automatically performed under high-speed operation. The programmable control system is used to realize the automatic control of the centrifuge and separation process. The company independently developed and produced mining machinery and industrial powder making equipment and other products, widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, electric power, steel and other industries

Fine sand recovery machine is a revolutionary equipment in sand-making production line , its system creatively develops the problem of fine sand loss that the sand washing machine cannot solve, and finally it not only solves the problem of fine sand loss, but also reduces the sedimentation , and solves the problem of uneven grading of sand and gravel caused by the loss of fine sand, and improves the quality of sand and a bad effect on the environment in production of gravel.

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