Environmental friendly sand production line

Environmental friendly sand production line refers to sand production process that can meet high standard production requirements and has the characteristics of low energy consumption and less pollution during operation to meet the national emission standards.


environmental friendly sand production line


How to configure an environmental friendly sand production line?


A complete sand production line generally consists of feeding equipment, crushing equipment, sand making equipment, screening equipment, conveying equipment, sand washing equipment and so on. Therefore, in order to make the configured production line more efficient, low-cost, and environmental friendly, it is necessary to pay more attention in the selection of these devices.


1. For the selection of core equipment, such as: crusher and sand making machine. It is recommended to use the upgraded version. Whether in the process of crushing, sand making, or production capacity, energy consumption, it is greatly improved and more environmental friendly compared with traditional equipment. Therefore, they can help the sand production line to achieve high efficiency and low consumption.


2. For the selection of other equipment, it is necessary to know the characteristics of materials before purchase, such as: humidity, hardness, granularity, etc. Then make a reasonable selection according to the actual sand production line demand.


3. Configuring the fine sand recycling machine. The fine sand recovery machine can effectively recover 95% of fine sand and improve the sand output and quality. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the pollution to the environment.


What are the advantages of environmentally friendly sand production lines compared to traditional sand making processes?


1. In terms of production capacity: Under the same operating environment, new generation of environmentally friendly sand production line is expected to produce 1-2 times more sand than traditional sand making process, and the operation is stable.


2. In terms of effect: the sand after processed is not only good in appearance, but also strong in plasticity, and can be directly marketed for sale.


3. In terms of operation: Except the opening, closing and materials supply are need perconal, no need for extra labor input in other places in environmentally friendly sand production line, the operation is easier.


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