Desander desilter for removing sand from piling mud

Piling refers to driving piles into the ground to make the foundation of a building strong. Piling mud water is a kind of suspended liquid containing a certain amount of fine mud particles in the water. It has a certain viscosity and is difficult to stratify even if it is left standing for a long time.

Construction piling (pile foundation) technology is the cutting-edge technology in the trenchless method. As one of the main systems of muddy piling (pile foundation), the mud treatment system directly affects the construction progress and quality. The application of this technology is one of the prominent problems facing It is the treatment and rational application of mud.

piling machine

Piling mud treatment system is widely used in the purification and recycling of slurry for the construction of hydro power, continuous concrete wall, slurry shield tunnel, etc. This equipment is increasingly becoming a necessity of civilized construction since it not only can cut down construction cost, but also can reduce the pollution of the environment.

Features of piling mud remove sand system:

High mud handling capacity, sand can be removed efficiently.
The polyurethane screen has many advantages such as easy operation, low trouble rate, convenient installation and maintenance
Slag charge screened by advanced straight-line vibrating system is effectively dewatered.
The adjustable vibrating force, angle and mesh size of the vibrating screen enable the equipment possess a high screening efficiency.
Energy saving efficiency is significant since the power consumption of the vibrating motor is low.
The abrasion and corrosion resisting slurry pump has advantages such as advanced centrifugal designing, optimal structure, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

The hydraulic cyclone with advanced structural technology can efficiently separate sand from slurry. Moreover,it features in light weight, corrosion and abrasion resisting material,so it can work stably in the worst condition without maintenance.

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