Demand for iron ore crushing equipment in Mongolia Will Increase

The “Program of Action of the Mongolian Government for 2020-2024” has been approved a few days ago, and it plans to give priority to the development of heavy industry and the production of high value-added products. Therefore, the Prime Minister of Mongolia, U. Khurelsukh, visited the “Darhan Metallurgical Plant” during the formal inspection of Darhan-Uul and Selenge provinces. Corporation Limited (“Darkhan Metallurgical Plant”JSC).

Tumurtei Iron Mine is the main iron ore raw material base of “Darhan Metallurgical Plant” Co., Ltd. It is located in Khuder Sumu, Selenga Province, with iron ore reserves of 229 million tons and an annual production capacity of 3 million tons of iron. ore.

The state-invested QSC Co., Ltd. has implemented a “Mining and Metallurgical Complex Construction Project” in the “Darhan Metallurgical Plant” Co., Ltd. The purpose is to build a complete industrial chain from iron ore mining to final product processing in Mongolia. factory. The project had production capacity in 2014, and the dry magnetic separator was completed and put into production.

In addition, the 50-kilometer power transmission line leading to the Tumultai deposit will be expanded to the Yeruu Sumu Substation, and a 36-kilometer-long railway will be built to connect the Tumurtai deposit to the Bayangol Railway. According to the concession agreement, the project has completed major infrastructure projects, including the construction of a loading dock and the opening of 95 kilometers of paved roads.

Mongolian Prime Minister U Khursukh said, “Mongolia is developing high value-added products and gradually realizing the localization of products. Therefore, the integrated mining and metallurgical project is of great strategic significance to Mongolia.”

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