100 tph iron ore cleaning and desliming machine

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The roller stone washing machine can process materials within 0-100mm and can separate the soil and ash on the materials into clean materials. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, and high washing efficiency.

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The drum sand washing machine stone can be used in the cleaning process of mineral raw materials such as manganese ore, copper ore, dolomite, tungsten ore, tin ore, and silica placer. The drum sand washer is large and medium-sized equipment used in gray-black and non-ferrous metallurgical industry mining, steel, metallurgical industry, chemical plants, and decorative building materials for cleaning iron ore and stone. The drum sand washing machine has large processing capacity. It is the high-quality equipment of the company that has regulations on the cleanliness of iron ore and stone.

Before iron ore is crushed, ground, and beneficiated, because of its large mud content, it needs to be deslimed by a drum stone washing machine to improve high-quality iron ore raw materials for the iron ore beneficiation production line. The green development path of effectively improving the utilization rate of iron ore, reducing pollution, and improving the ecological environment is of great significance

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