Chicken Manure Sieving Machine Organic Fertilizer Drum Sieve

The trommel screen is widely used in the screening of various solid materials with a particle size less than 300mm. The screening capacity is 10t/h~20t/h. The fertilizer trommel screen has low noise. The screening material is quickly classified, and the high-quality motor is used. Anti-blocking design , the discharge is smooth.

Composting trommel screen


The trommel screen is widely used in the screening of various materials, whether it is low-quality coal, coal slime, soot or other materials, it can be screened smoothly.

The feeding method is simple and diverse: the feeding port of the trommel rotary screen developed by our factory can be designed according to the actual situation on site, no matter it is a belt, funnel or other feeding methods, it can feed smoothly without taking special measures.

The equipment can be equipped with a comb-type cleaning mechanism. During the screening process, no matter how dirty or miscellaneous the material entering the screening cylinder is, it can be screened, thereby improving the screening efficiency of the equipment.

Large screening capacity, easy to enlarge: Under the same size, the area of the circle is larger than that of other shapes, so the effective screening area is large, so that the materials can fully contact the screen, so the screening capacity per unit time is large. And because of its simple structure, convenient layout, novel and mature technology, etc., it is easy to be large-scaled.

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